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Medical marijuana farm to host meet and greet

19 Sep by Justice Grown

EDGEWOOD — The Edgewood community will get a chance to talk with those in charge of an incoming medicinal marijuana facility at a meet and greet Thursday evening.

“We really want to get to know the community and for the community to get to know us,” Ashley Peterson, project manager for Effingham Medicinal Farms, said. “We want to give everyone an overview of the work, what we believe in, and our goals for the farm.”

The event will be at the Edgewood American Legion at 6 p.m.

The state approved Effingham Medicinal Farms’ permit to build a facility in Edgewood this past fall. Peterson said Monday that the company hopes to start construction soon and to begin growing marijuana in March. The Edgewood location will produce the drug for distribution centers elsewhere in the state.

Originally, the company planned to build in Effingham, but the city council turned the plan down.

The facility, located off of Pennsylvania Street, will be roughly 6,400 square feet when it’s built this spring. At first, the company will only make two hires.

“Initially, it will be a small production,” Peterson said. “Then we will look to expand and add more positions.”

That expansion would likely come toward the end of 2016, Peterson said. That’s another reason why people should attend Thursday’s event, she said, because they can learn about potential job opportunities.

Jon Loevy, an investor in the company, said in November that the number of jobs created at the Edgewood site will depend on how many Illinois residents are signed up for the state’s medicinal marijuana program.

He said not enough medical ailments qualify residents for the state’s marijuana program.

Over the next several years, Effingham Medicinal Farms officials wants that to change.

“We think it’s very important to help those who are suffering to find relief,” Peterson said.

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